Utilisation du terminal comme afficheur/console
Exemple d'utilisation du terminal comme afficheur, en C et sous CodeWarrior V10. ( Liaison série SCI <> port COM PC ) Windows 7 ne comporte plus Hyperterminal, sur l'exemple j'utilise TeraTerm Pour l'utilisation de la fonction printf, j'ai modifié la librairie termio.h :

/** * @file termio.h 
* Terminal: terminal low level functions.
* Note that the low level functionality is depending on * the hardware used (see implementation module termio.c), 
* especially TERMIO_Init(). The provided implementation 
* works in the simulator (component Terminal), but as
* well on most hardware. */

 Copyright (c) Metrowerks, Basel, Switzerland All rights reserved Do not modify! 
 #ifndef TERMIO_H 
#define TERMIO_H 
 #ifdef __cplusplus 
 extern "C" { 

** * Sends a character to the terminal channel. 
* @param ch Character to be sent to the terminal channel. */ 
void TERMIO_PutChar(char ch){ sci_tx(ch); } 

/** * Receives a character from the terminal channel. 
* @return The character received from the terminal channel. */ 
char TERMIO_GetChar(void){
 char recept; 
recept = sci_rx(); 
return recept; }

/** * Initializes the communication channel. 
* It sets up the baudrate as well. Note that the implementation is 
* heavily depending on the hardware used. */
 void TERMIO_Init(void){ Init_SCI(); } 

/** * Writes a string at once (more efficient). 
* @param p Pointer to the string to be written. */ 
void TERMIO_PutString(const char *p); 
#ifdef __cplusplus 

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